WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition transfers are hung or stuck.

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You are using a WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition resource monitor to trigger a transfer and there is a very high number of resources that match the trigger condition. The monitor and agent grind to a halt or hang in this situation.


The number of resources that get polled by the WMQFTE resource monitor is too large for it to keep up with.


All files matching the trigger condition cause a task request message during one poll of a directory resource monitor. The transfer request message is then put to the agent's COMMAND queue. This can overload the agent with a 1 to 1 ratio of trigger matches to transfer task requests. There is also the chance of the queue manager's MaxUncommittedMsgs to be exceeded, which leads to more errors.

More information can be found in APAR IC78011.

Resolving the problem

1. Recreate or edit your resource monitor with a -bs flag set to 10.

This will cause 10 trigger matches to be transferred in a single task.

This can improve the performance when many matches are found by the

resource monitor.

The batch size flag (-bs) is documented at the following URL:


2. Set the following agent property for the WMQFTE agent that owns the

resource monitor (monitor agent):


This property is explained at the below URL:


3. The following technote documents another agent property to be set

on your source and destination agents that will help prevent transfer

acknowledgement from timing out:



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