How to run the Ping commands in Rational Focal Point

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How do you run the Ping commands in IBM Rational Focal Point version 6.5.1?


To run the ping command in Rational Focal Point 6.5.1, you need to edit the tomcat-users.xml file, located in the directory <Tomcat_Home/Conf>, as follows:

  1. Open tomcat-users.xml file in any text editor and add a new role for Ping as follows:

    <role rolename="ping"/>

  2. Add a new user for Ping Access as follows:

  3. Navigate to Advanced > Security > Networks With Access to the Ping Servlet in Rational Focal Point

  4. Add the IP address of the machine for which you want to use ping command

  5. Save the file and restart the Tomcat server.

Now, you can execute the Ping command as follows:

https:// : /fp/servlet/Ping?cmd=htmlstats

Note: In Rational Focal Point 6.5.1 and later, the Ping security feature is implemented for the ping servlet as it might reveal sensitive server information.

For more details, you review the Enabling access to the ping servlet topic in the information center.

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