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Components excluded in a build definition appear to load

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Attempts to request a build loads excluded components in the build definition in IBM Rational Team Concert?


When the build defintion is configured, certain components are excluded. When the build is requested, the build runs successfully once and then the exclude settings are reset and all components in the workspace are loaded, ignoring the original configuration.


This behaviour occurs when the 'Accept latest changes before loading' option in the build definition is selected. This option will ensure that the latest components are included in the build, thus loading the excluded components after the build succeeds.

Resolving the problem

You can resolve this behaviour in one of two ways:

  1. Ensure that the latest changes are not loaded
    In the build definition, deselect the 'Accept latest changes before loading' option.

  2. Allow only certain components to flow to/from the flow target
    By default, all the components will be flowed to/from the target stream/workspace. In the case where only one (or some) component should be flowed into the build workspace, you can limit the components to flow to/from the flow target by editing your build workspace's flow target.
    • In the Build Workspace Flow Target, Select "Flow only components checked below:" and check only the component to be included in the build workspace.
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