Different SLAs listed between client application and web portal for a user

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When a user logs in to the TNSQM client application and discovers a list of SLAs, this list doesn't get propagated to the web portal and vice versa. The SLAs need to be rediscovered on the second client. Shouldn't they be in-sync?


The behavior is as designed and the following points elaborate further on this.

TNSQM web portal was designed to be for light-weight use by users, as an example for someone who wants to do a quick check on the monitored SLAs. Normally, these users would not have direct access to the client application and they have very minimal privileges to the system. Therefore, SLA list synchronization between the web portal and client application would not be necessary.
From the other angle, the client application is meant for back-office users. It is intended to allow full control to these users if they have the correct access. Since back-office users have direct access to the client application, access to the web portal (that has many limitations) may not be required.

In conclusion, the TNSQM client application and web portal target different user groups. In special cases where a user needs to access both client application and web portal, they are expected to manually rediscover the SLAs of interest in their second client. Currently, there's no feature to have the SLA lists on the client application and web portal to be synchronized for each user.

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Tivoli Netcool Service Quality Manager

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4.1.2, 4.1.3, 4.1.4

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