TNSQM: Unable to add resources after deleting them in Resource Selector

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When creating an SLA clause, and specifying the resources in the Resource Selector, after a resource is added into the "Selected Resources" box and then subsequently deleted, no other resources can be selected and added anymore. Why is this so?


Whenever the Resource Selector GUI starts, an empty row under "Selected Resources" is already pre-selected:
Resource Selector GUI when first opened

Next, when a user selects a resource from "Available Resources" list and click on the blue right-arrow icon, the resource will be added into the "Selected Resources" list. The GUI will then pre-select the next empty row under "Selected Resources" list:

Resource Selector GUI after adding a resource

However, after deleting all the resources under "Selected Resources" list, none of the empty rows are pre-selected:

Resource Selector GUI after deleting all resources
Therefore, to add a new resource, an empty row under "Selected Resources" list must be chosen first (by clicking on an empty row) before adding the resource into the list by clicking on the middle right-arrow button.

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