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Tivoli Storage Manager server database extractdb/insertdb stops.

Technote (troubleshooting)


A Tivoli Storage Manager server is upgraded from V5 to V6 using the "same system, network method" scenario. The insertdb and extractdb operations are started successfully but both operations later stop at the same time.


Insufficient memory and/or paging space

Diagnosing the problem

The extractdb and insertdb outputs will show that both operations stopped at the same time, with no specific error message. For example :

ANR1392I EXTRACTDB: Extracted 71,817,923 database entries in 2,199,580 pages
ANR1392I and wrote 7,080,588,544 bytes in 2:30:01 (2700.50 megabytes per hour).

<operation stopped>

ANR1379I INSERTDB: Read 7,079,481,075 bytes and inserted 71,803,163 database
ANR1379I entries in 2:30:02 (2699.80 megabytes per hour).

<operation stopped>

Resolving the problem

Verify that the following conditions are met.

In this particular instance, the system was using adequate RAM (16GB) but did not have sufficient paging space (only 500 MB). After increasing the paging space, the extractdb and insertdb operations completed successfully.

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Modified date: 17 December 2014