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Resetting the 'admin' password on a Cast Iron virtual appliance?

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How do you reset the 'admin' password on a virtual appliance?


Follow these steps:

  1. Open the VMWare Infrastructure Client or vSphere client..
  2. Go to Edit settings of the appliance and uncheck 'Connected' and 'Connect at power on' for the 'Network interfaces'.
  3. In the VMWare appliance console, type resetpass for username and for password.
  4. On the console, there will be a message to 'Unplug the management ethernet port cable, hit the return key', Press the return key.
  5. There will be a message to connect the management ethernet port cable back. Go back to Edit settings and check the 'Connected' and 'Connect at power on' for the 'Network Interfaces'.
  6. Once the above step is complete, go back to the VMWare appliance console and hit the return key.
  7. There will a prompt to enter the new admin password. Follow on-screen instructions.
  8. Once the password is changed, login to the appliance using the new password that should work.

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