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New versions of all Gentran products have been delivered. In these releases, several older technologies are being withdrawn, because they could not be brought into compliance with IBM technology standards. Following are details regarding the technologies that are being withdrawn, and suggested next steps for customers.


As part of all acquisitions, IBM requires that the acquired company deliver new product releases that conform to IBM technology standards. Generally, the intent is to have no functional differences between the IBM-compliant version and the last pre-acquisition release. However, where a function in an existing release cannot be brought in compliance with IBM standards, that function is withdrawn.

Changes in IBM Sterling Gentran:Server for UNIX
Visual Mapper – effective 1 March 2012, the Visual Mapper will no longer be delivered with any version of Sterling:Gentran Server for UNIX. Existing visual maps will continue to execute, and the LFTRAN engine will continue to be supported. IBM will accept support calls for the visual mapper, and will answer questions, but effective immediately, the Visual Mapper has reached end of fix. We strongly recommend that customers begin to recreate existing visual maps using the Application Integration mapper.

ODBC support – although ODBC mapping has been unsupported for several years, underlying technical components were still present in prior versions of the product. These components have been removed. We expect that this change will have no impact on product execution.
HyperACCESS Button – in prior versions of the product, the client interface contained a button that opened a HyperACCESS terminal emulation window that could be used to access server functions. Due to issues with IBM technology compliance, HyperACCESS is no longer distributed with IBM Sterling Gentran:Server, and the terminal emulator button has been removed from the client. Customers who want a similar approach to accessing server-side functions should use another Telnet utility . These utilities often provide additional functionality that was not available with HyperACCESS as previously delivered, and they are often available at no cost.
OFTP Plus module – due to issues with providing IBM technology compliance and low customer usage, this module, which provided support for Odette FTP version 1, will no longer be delivered with the product or supported. Customers who require support for Odette FTP version 1 or version 2 should consider a third party communications utility. For customers who are considering Sterling B2B Integrator, Odette FTP is a supported communication protocol.

Changes in IBM Sterling Gentran:Server for iSeries
Starting with version 3.6.0 of IBM Sterling Gentran:Server for iSeries, Zmodem will no longer be a supported communication protocol. We recommend migrating to a more current, supported communication protocol. See the product documentation for additional information about communication support.

Changes in IBM Sterling Gentran:Director
Starting with version 5.5.0 of IBM Sterling Gentran:Director, asynchronous and bisynchronous dialup and TCP/IP will no longer be supported communication protocols. We recommend migrating to a more current, supported communication protocol, or using the IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network for bisynchronous support.

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