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Clarity Studio - Expand and collapse indicators not showing up on template

Technote (troubleshooting)


The Group and Ungroup feature transforms Microsoft® Excel functionality, so that it can be used when viewing a document in your Web browser.


The expand and Collapse indicators are not visible in the web application even if they have been set up.


This can be caused by the fact that the range where these indicators are set up is hidden or

  • dynamic ranges change the location of the indicators to somewhere outside the initial Excel section


IBM Clarity Server

Microsoft Excel

IBM Clarity Studio

Diagnosing the problem

From studio, place the Row and Column indicators on a template

  1. Save the template and load it into the web application
  2. Notice the symptom

Resolving the problem

Check that both column and row, where the indicators are set up, are not hidden

  1. Check the row or column and make sure that new rows or column were inserted changing the location. Scroll down or to the right following the row or column to make sure that the indicator is not further than expected.

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