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Clarity Server - Error closing browser during save using a 6.2 template: Error calling function: Send()

Technote (troubleshooting)


On a Clarity 6 template, closing the browser after saving but before receiving the confirmation will generate the symptom.


Error calling function: Send()


As designed, 6.2 templates events and other processes are executed on the client side, therefore they use Internet Explorer code. The moment the Internet Explorer browser is closed, it terminates any processes and/or events.


IBM Clarity Server 6

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Diagnosing the problem

  1. Load a Clarity 6 template
  2. Make changes
  3. Save using the toolbox on the left
  4. Close the browser before the save is complete
  5. Notice the symptom

Resolving the problem

One way of going around this issue would be to upgrade the 6.2 template to a 7.0 version, so that you do not have wait for a confirmation before closing the browser window. If this workaround is not desired, then you should avoid closing the browser window before getting a confirmation.

Version 7.0 templates are designed to be executed on the server side. Whenever there are any events executed, they are packaged and sent over to the server, independently from Internet Explorer code. Therefore, closing the Internet Explorer browser does not generate any errors and still saves all of the data and any events are executed successfully.

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Modified date: 30 September 2013