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"Fees and Charges" Tab in Work Order Tracking (SP) Application

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Is there some use for the "Fees and Charges" tab displayed on the "Plans and Actuals" tab within a work order?


Fees and Charges

You use the Select Planned Fees and Charges dialog box to select planned
fees and charges for a work order. The Select Fees and Charges dialog
box is available on the Fees and Charges sub tab of the Plans tab of the
Work Order Tracking application. On this tab, you also can insert fees
and charges that are not on the work plan. To select or add fees and
charges, the work order status must be approved but not closed.

The Fees and Charges tab also displays any fixed amounts that a price
schedule applied. You cannot edit fixed amounts added by a price
schedule. View all costs and prices in the View Costs and Prices dialog

Note: Your system administrator determines whether you can select or add
fees and charges and, if so, the status at which you can perform these

You can use the Fees and Charges table window to enter Fines or any
other line item that you would like charged to the Customer. You can
also enter a line item with a negative amount, if you would like the
Work Order to include a credit amount to the Customer. You don't have
to be constrained by the Types that are shipped with the product.

PLUSPGBTRANSTYPE is a synonym domain, and you can add new values to this
Domain - add the types as a synonym of ACTUAL.

The current existing types are:


All amounts on the Fees and Charges tab are included in the total Price
of a Work Order - they do not have any effect on the Cost.

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