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Maximo autoinit and save action functionality explained

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How does the autoinit function in combination with a save work in Maximo?


There are various combinations of the so called autoinit and save action.
For example:

-Doing a status change calls the save and autoinit before the dialog is even displayed.
So it has autoinit'd whether you change status or cancel.
-Pressing "next record" and saying Yes to 'save changes' does the autoinit.
-Selecting "owner" and pressing OK does the save and autoinit.
-Selecting "owner" and cancelling preserves the new insert state, so that on a manual save it autoinits.

These non-workflow actions are consistent in the way their saves call autoinit.

These are all correct product design behaviours in that it is part of the save that occurs on the way to the dialog.
In actual fact, it has nothing to do with the action itself.
For example, if you have created a new record and hit the change status and then cancel the record,it would still be saved as the autoinit is a function of save, not the action itself.

For comparison reasons and further clarification as follows:

The autoinit save function in Maximo/Base Services ,whereby at times an automatic save is initiated by doing a certain action as explained above is NOT the same as for example calling the init method in the MBO

The init method happens every time the MBO is accessing a new page, so for example a list page, main page internally requested by another MBO,
The save is not as automatic as it really appears as there is an explicit call to a save method.
In the case of the UI, the save is usually done in the bean class as it handles each action.
Some actions do not do a save - for example those that are view only.

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