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Does a tool exist where I can verify all requirements needed are present prior to installing Collaboration and Deployment Services (C&DS)?


C&DS 5.0: The below Prerequisite Check Took is incorporated in the installation. A separate download for the tool is not needed.

C&DS 4.2.1:

Yes. A Prerequisite Check Tool exists allowing a test run of the Collaboration and Deployment Services (C&DS) installation. It provides step-by-step assistance for verifying that your system meets the requirements for an installation of C&DS.

Prerequisite Check Tool can be acquired through the IBM software download site where you've acquired associated C&DS software. The image name is "IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services Server Optional Features" and exists for 4.2.1 Multiplatform Multilingual. The product ID is (CZZP4ML).

This will download a zip file named After expanding this file please review the /prereqcheck/readme.txt file for explicit instructions.

For Windows you will simply run prereqcheck.bat and no parameters. This will launch a GUI to step through selecting the same components you would during the setup of C&DS (Application Server, Database, Database User, etc.). Once complete, it will display a report detailing whether all requirements were met (Pass/Fail).

As an example:

System Memory check FAIL: The system does not have enough memory. Required minimum amount is 4GB. Amount found 3.9GB.

FAIL: jboss-run-check FAIL: A JBoss instance was detected as running. If this instance is your selected instance then it should be stopped before installing. If it is another instance, please consult JBoss documentation regarding multiple instances.

Please review the readme.txt (mentioned earlier) for Unix and IBM i system instructions as well.

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