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How to determine the version of a Sametime 8.5 server

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How can you determine which version of an IBM Sametime 8.5 server you have installed?


Within a Sametime 8.5 environment, it is possible for individual server components to be upgraded at different times and therefore to be at different version levels (for example, 8.5.1 or 8.5.2). Or you might need to determine what fixes or fix packs are installed.


The steps below describe how to view the version info in the user interface (UI).

Sametime System Console

The Sametime System Console (SSC) must always be at the latest version level, and should be the first server component upgraded.

The welcome page in the administrative console displays the Sametime System Console and WebSphere Application Server version. To view the welcome page, open the administrative console (also referred to as the ISC, Integrated Solutions Console) by entering the following URL in a web browser:


Replace serverhostname.domain with your server values, and specify port 8700 for HTTP or 8701 for HTTP over SSL. (For port information for IBM i platform, refer to Logging in to the Sametime system console.)

The welcome page contains a table with the version information such as shown in the following screen capture:

Sametime servers and components

To determine the specific version of other components, for example, the Meeting server or the Proxy server, do the following:

1. Launch the Sametime System Console using the URL as above: http://serverhostname.domain:port/ibm/console

2. Expand the Sametime System Console tree, expand Sametime Servers, then select the server whose details you wish to view.

3. The landing page appears. That page contains a table that includes the Version information, and a View link to show fixpack details.

Example screen capture of Sametime Proxy Servers page:

Community server: For the Community Server only, you can view the version information contained in a file named buildinfo.txt by entering the following URL in a web browser:


    where serverhostname.domain is the fully qualified domain name of the Sametime Community server

(Exception: For Sametime, check the label.txt file in a web browser instead, substituting label.txt in the URL above. If the file does not exist, you will see an error 404. The buildinfo file was not updated for that fix pack.)

Or, you can navigate in the operating system to the domino/html/sametime subdirectory of the server's data directory to find and launch the buildinfo.txt or label.txt file.

The buildinfo, however, does not show hotfix information. To determine any hotfix levels, view the sametime.log file. The sametime.log includes detail for when a module starts and what version, including any fix or hotfix levels, is being loaded for that module.

Determining fixes applied

If you have applied any Sametime fixes (for example, a hot fix supplied by IBM Support, or an interim fix or fix pack downloaded from IBM Fix Central), use the steps below to definitively verify the fix level. There have been cases where the fix level information stored in the DB2 table and displayed by the Sametime System Console is incorrect.


1. Launch the Sametime System Console using the URL as above: http://serverhostname.domain:port/ibm/console

2. Expand Applications > Application Types, and select WebSphere enterprise applications.

3. Choose the target application, for example Sametime Meeting Server.

4. In the main window for that server, select "Application binaries" under Detail Properties.

5. View the "Application build level" on this binaries page.

Screen capture of Application Binaries page:

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