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Image Services: Enterprise Backup and Restore (EBR) Support Requirements and Limitations

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What are the support requirements and limitations for backing up a site-controlled database using EBR?


EBR Support Requirements and Limitations

  • EBR supports Oracle databases with block sizes of 2 KB only.
  • EBR does not support IBM DB2 or Microsoft® SQL Server.
  • EBR backs up Oracle databases that are used by FileNet Image Services and WorkFlo Queue Services.
  • EBR supports MKF and Oracle databases in raw partitions for both FileNet-controlled and site-controlled environments on UNIX servers.
  • EBR supports Oracle databases in file systems .
  • As of IS 4.2.0, EBR supports MKF databases in file systems on UNIX servers.
  • EBR supports site-controlled Oracle if the database conforms to the requirements above and those listed in section "EBR considerations when the database is site-controlled" below.
  • EBR does not support the Oracle auto extend function. (EBR backup will be successful, but EBR restore will fail.)
EBR considerations when the database is site-controlled
  • Use the following EBR_genscript options to define Oracle site-controlled datasets for an EBR script:
    -> Generate dataset definitions
    -> Generic datasets
    -> Define Oracle database dataset option and specify the full directory
    path to hold the Oracle signature file and the full path name for the
    Oracle parameter file. Follow the instructions in the Section,
    "Defining Oracle Datasets" documented in the FileNet Image
    Services EBR User's Guide
  • With a site-controlled Oracle database, you must start Oracle before stopping Image Services for a backup or restore. Otherwise, the IS shutdown will hang until Oracle is started.
  • To avoid permission problems during a restore, add group write permissions to the files in the directory where the Oracle data files and system files reside.

      Original permissions
      mysystem(root)/usr/ora/10g/oradata/db2k> ll
      total 2411600
      -rw-r----- 1 oracle dba 5488640 Jan 31 20:46 control01.ctl
      -rw-r----- 1 oracle dba 5488640 Jan 31 20:46 control02.ctl

      Modified permissions
      mysystemt(root)/usr/ora/10g/oradata/db2k> ll
      total 2411600
      -rw-rw---- 1 oracle dba 5488640 Jan 31 21:41 control01.ctl
      -rw-rw---- 1 oracle dba 5488640 Jan 31 21:41 control02.ctl

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