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Possible Incorrect Results from Mapping Broker following Communications Error

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The Mapping Broker can possibly return incorrect results for requests following a MI_MpinetCommunicationException error.


Certain versions of the 9.0, 9.2, or 9.5 mapping broker can possibly return incorrect results following a MI_MpinetCommunicationException error. The MI_MpinetCommunicationException error is typically due to either a temporary network problem between the mapping broker and hub, or a hang condition experienced with the hub itself. If the broker recovers from this error and resumes communication with the hub, there exists a remote possibility that mapping request results can become shifted in the communication stream. This shift will result in the previous request's results being returned to the current request. Once this condition is encountered, the broker must be restarted to recover from the shift in the communications stream.

To prevent this problem from occurring, IBM support strongly suggests applying the June 2011 patch for versions 9.2 or 9.5 of the Message Broker Suite. The APAR for the June 2011 patch is JR39158 for version 9.2 and JR39159 for version 9.5.

If you are using the version greater than of the mapping broker, please contact IBM support for a hotfix for this problem.

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Information Management Initiate Master Data Service Not Applicable Platform Independent 9.0.0, 9.2.0, 9.5.0 All Editions

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More support for: Initiate Master Data Service

Software version: 9.0.0, 9.2.0, 9.5.0

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 1580363

Modified date: 18 February 2014

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