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IBM Content Manager eClient Expired Digital Certificate

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IBM Content Manager eClient users may receive an application digital signature error followed by “the digital signature has expired” message when viewing documents with the Java Applet Viewer, printing documents with the batch print feature and exporting documents.


The digital signature used to sign the IBM Content Manager eClient applet jar files has an expiration date of March 16, 2012.

Option 1:
Replace your current signed IBM Content Manager eClient JAR files with re-signed versions that can be downloaded from the following link:

Newly resigned jar files are available for download at the following IBM Content Manager eClient levels.

    1. IBM Content Manager V8.3.0 Fix Pack 14
    2. IBM Content Manager V8.4.0 Fix Pack 1
    3. IBM Content Manager V8.4.1 Fix Pack 1
    4. IBM Content Manager V8.4.2 Fix Pack 2
    5. IBM Content Manager V8.4.2 Fix Pack 3
    6. IBM Content Manager V8.4.3
    7. IBM Content Manager V8.4.3 Fix Pack 1

Required Actions:
    1. Upgrade your IBM Content Manager level to one of the seven Fix Pack levels listed above.
    2. Log on to the IBM Fix Central using the link provided above.
    3. Select the IBM Content Manager level that matches your current level.
    4. Accept the license agreement.
    5. Select the fix that matches your eClient version. For instance CM843.000-2012-java-certificate-renewal-eclient for eClient V8.4.3.
    6. Stop the eClient server.
    7. Find the eClient WAR deployment directory.
      • On UNIX or Linux: WAS_HOME/profiles/profile_name/installedApps/cell_name/eClient.ear/eclient.war
      • On Windows: WAS_HOME/profiles/profile_name/installedApps/cell_name/eClient.ear/eclient.war
    8. Make a backup copy of your existing JAR files.
    9. Replace the existing JAR files with the versions downloaded above.
    10. Restart the eClient server.

Option 2:
Users can accept the security warning and run the application. The security warning dialog box has options to accept the digital signature once or to accept all signatures from a specific publisher. If a user accepts the digital signature once, the user will be asked again each time the eClient applet is used. If a user accepts all signatures from a specific publisher (International Business Machines Corporation in this case), the digital signature dialog box will not be displayed again.

Important: The re-signed jar files are only intended to be used for the IBM Content Manager eClient version they are provided for. Using any of the jar files on versions of the eClient other than the level they have been released for may result in unexpected behavior of the IBM Content Manager eClient. The re-signed jar files are not intended for any one-off build, developer fix or special build.

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Software version: 8.3, 8.4, 8.4.1, 8.4.2, 8.4.3

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Modified date: 25 February 2012

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