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How can you modify Recent Contacts preferences within local address books?

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How can you modify the Recent Contacts preferences within the local address book for one or more users?


This functionality is new to the Lotus Notes 8.5.3 Client.
At this time, Domino Policies do not provide the ability to select individual name preferences for the Recent Contact feature through the UI.

Instead, you can implement your name preference selection by using a notes.ini parameter,
and this parameter can be deployed through the Desktop Settings policy document.

As seen from the local address book preferences,

are controlled by the following notes.ini settings,

Option Value
Do not add any names DisableDPABprocessing=1
Add/Only sender's name from emails I receive DisableDPABCCandToprocessing=1
Add/Only the 'To' recipients names from emails I send & receive DisableDPABCCprocessing=1
Add/Only names from e-mails I send DisableDPABReceivedprocessing=1

A single value from the table above can be added to the Desktop Settings policy document, Custom Settings/Notes.ini tab to deploy to a wider audience, or simply manually added to a user's local notes.ini file to apply it.
[Please note: notes.ini parameters can be supplied and enabled (set to "1") or disabled (set to "0") but cannot be individually removed or deleted from the notes.ini by use of a Domino Policy.]

The technote under Related URL provides additional assistance, if required, on using Custom Settings tab within a Domino Settings policy document.

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