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Using external scripts for listboxes can result in unexpected values being returned in Rational Change

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to use external scripts to populate a customized listbox might result in old or unexpected listbox values being returned in IBM Rational Change version 5.3.


There is a deliberate change in the behavior of listbox scripts in Rational Change release

Rational Change release 5.2 uses a cache to store the values of the list boxes that have external scripts associated with them.

This setting was not configurable and provided as a mandatory setting.

As of release this setting is configurable in pt.cfg file.

By default this setting will be set to true. This means attributes will use a cache to store and get the values.

Entry in pt.cfg should look like this:


  • For a value of true Rational Change will use the cache to get the attribute values.
  • For a value of false Rational Change will run the script and get the values.

If this setting is not present in the pt.cfg file, the default value of "true" will apply.

Resolving the problem

To Change the setting in the pt.cfg file, search for "CACHE_EXTERNAL_LISTBOX_VALUES" in the pt.cfg file and set the value to true or false as required.

If this entry is not present in the this configuration file then first add the following lines at the end of the file and then replace "<actual_value>" with either "true" or "false" (without the quotes) as needed.





Stop and restart the Rational Change server for this parameter change to take effect.

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