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User host not on INCLUDE list for feature

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Attempts to check out a license result in the error "User host not on INCLUDE list for feature" when using IBM Rational products.


fpuriIn IBM Rational Team Concert, the following error will be seen in the IBM Rational Jazz Team Server (JTS) log file:

ERROR - com.telelogic.licensing.LicenseUnknownException
User/host not on INCLUDE list for feature.
Feature: JazzToken
License path: Licensing error:-39,147


FLEXnet licensing software allows you to reserve licenses for certain users, or groups of users, using an options file. This message usually means you are trying to check out a license reserved for another user or group.

Diagnosing the problem

Check whether your license server was started with an options file.

  • The path to the options file may appear in your license file as the fourth field on the VENDOR line (or DAEMON line), for example:

    VENDOR ibmratl /path_to_ibmratl_daemon /any_path/any_name.opt
  • If the path is omitted from the VENDOR line, the vendor daemon automatically looks for a file named vendor.opt (where vendor is the vendor daemon name, for example, ibmratl.opt) in the same directory as the license file.

The following option keywords restrict who may use licenses or where licenses may be used:

INCLUDE_BORROW, MAX, and RESERVE. These options take a type argument, which
specifies whether the restriction is based on USER, HOST, DISPLAY, INTERNET, or

Resolving the problem

Update your option file as desired, then stop and restart the license server lmgrd, or run the lmreread utility to force the VENDOR daemon to reread the options file.

Note: If LDAP is used for login in a mixed environment, the username from the Unix or Linux client might be different from the one on Microsoft Windows. For example, the username might be "domain/userid" on Linux and "userid" on Windows. Incorporated both names in the option file.

For details of option file usage and syntax, see the FLEXnet Licensing End User Guide from Flexera Software.

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