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Background image of IBM FileNet P8eForms is not displaying correctly in IBM FileNet P8 WorkplaceXT

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to create a background image for eForms template using method Import by Reference in IBM FileNet eForms Designer results in the borders of the cell disappear when opening form in Workplace or WorkplaceXT.


The cell boundaries are invisible in Workplace or WorkplaceXT


This is a design limitation in using P8eForms. eForms is designed such a way that it renders a background image that draws the cell boundaries, labels... first and on top of this image it will render all the HMTL controls. That causes the cell border and title are invisible in Workplace or WorkplaceXT.

Resolving the problem

We cannot bring the eForms background image in front as it will hide the inserted picture image and other objects.

The only possible workaround is to re-design the form by turning on the "Fractional Character Widths". By doing so we can see the titles and labels of the cells but still the cell border cannot be visible.

Document information

More support for: FileNet eForms
Eforms for P8

Software version: 4.0.2

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1579673

Modified date: 07 December 2016

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