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Security Bulletin: Potential Oracle Outside In Technology Vulnerabilities Exposed in DB2 Accessories Suite (CVE-2011-2264, CVE-2011-0794, and CVE-2011-0808)

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Oracle Outside In Technology contains exploitable vulnerabilities in the CorelDRAW (CVE-2011-2264) file parser, the File ID SDK (CVE-2011-0794), and file filters (CVE-2011-0808). Each of these vulnerabilities may allow a remote, unauthenticated user to execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable system when processing specially-crafted files using the Outside In Technology. The three impacted file formats are identified below:

ID File Format
CVE-2011-2264 CorelDRAW
CVE-2011-0794 Microsoft CAB
CVE-2011-0808 Lotus 123


Details of each of these vulnerabilities are as follows:

    CVE ID: CVE-2011-2264
    CVE ID: CVE-2011-0794
    CVE ID: CVE-2011-0794

Windows® on 32-bit AMD and Intel systems (x86)
Windows® on AMD64 and Intel EM64T systems (x64)
Linux® on 32-bit AMD and Intel systems (x86)
Linux® on AMD64 and Intel(R) EM64T systems (x64)
AIX 64-bit
Solaris 64-bit on UltraSPARC systems
Solaris 64-bit on x64 systems
HP-UX on HP Integrity Itanium-based systems (IA64)


Check the file located in <DB2_install_dir>/db2tss.
If the file does not exist, or if the properties file exists, but the version number in the properties file is less than V2.0.0, an upgrade is necessary :

1. Download the DB2 Accessories Suite for DB2 9.7 Fix pack 4 V2.0.0 and extract the installer
2. Stop the text search service: db2ts stop for text
3. Run the installer to upgrade your existing setup.

It is not necessary to run the richtextTool to disable the setup first, the installer will recognize the existing setup and apply the upgrade.


To minimize these three exposures, please avoid processing untrusted CorelDRAW, Lotus 123, or Microsoft CAB files until the upgrade of the DB2 Accessories Suite has been applied.


If you have immediate concerns about this vulnerability or require more information regarding this security bulletin, please contact IBM Support.

*The CVSS Environment Score is customer environment specific and will ultimately impact the Overall CVSS Score. Customers can evaluate the impact of this vulnerability in their environments by accessing the links in the Reference section of this Flash.

Note: According to the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST), the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) is an "industry open standard designed to convey vulnerability severity and help to determine urgency and priority of response." IBM PROVIDES THE CVSS SCORES "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ASSESSING THE IMPACT OF ANY ACTUAL OR POTENTIAL SECURITY VULNERABILITY.

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More support for: DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows
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Software version: 9.7

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 1578978

Modified date: 24 January 2012

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