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Using an exported directory with Content Manager for iSeries (CM) or Workfolder Application Facility (WAF).

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Can I use the MOUNT command in i5/OS to mount an exported directory over an iSeries IFS directory as an object directory in CM or WAF?


There are numerous SAN, NAS and other devices capable of exporting a directory that can be mounted over a directory in the IFS. From a CM or WAF perspective, as long as the mounted directory is capable of supporting all the Operating System APIs and commands used by CM or WAF, then this should work.

However, this has not been tested and it is the customer's responsibility (possibly with the support of the external directory server support team) to correctly configure the external device, permissions and the mount, and to test before putting into production. Any problems that occur would have to be re-creatable in an unmounted IFS directory situation before the problem can be investigated by CM or WAF support.

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