Unable to start J2EE TEMA agent after 6.1 FP5 is applied.

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The YJ J2EE monitoring agent will not start after FP5 is applied. the fixpack was installed successfully with no errors


This is due to the reference of the 'wj' sub-dir in the LIBPATH parameter of the yj.ini file. The causes the TEMA to load the wrong library file and the TEMA subsequently fails to start


ITCAM for AD 7.1, ITCAM for J2EE 6.1 FP4 and higher

Resolving the problem

This problem can occur if you install ITCAM for J2EE 6.1 FP1 (or any pre-FP4 fixpacks) as your base level and then upgrade to FP5.
This installation path creates a sub-dir called 'wj' under $ITM_HOME/<arch>/.

This sub-dir ''wj' gets inserted into the LIBPATH in the $ITM_HOME/config/yj.ini file.

When starting the agent, this path is referenced and the agent does not start.
You will see Java runDaemon errors or NoSuchMethod errors written in the TEMA agent logs.

To resolve this problem, install the J2EE agent code v6.2 FP4 directly, then upgrade to FP5 and FP6.

If you have already installed the TEMA base using pre-FP04 code and need a workaround, simply change the LIBPATH in the yj.ini file
by removing the reference to the 'wj' sub-dir from LIBPATH.

To do this, remove the path shown in the red box here in your yj.ini file:

Restart the 'yj' agent. It should now start successfully.

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