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Disable Sending of Quarantine Report Emails

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How do you disable the sending of Quarantine Report emails on your Proventia Network Mail Security / Lotus Protector for Mail Security Appliance?


Proventia Network Mail Security (Lotus Protector for Mail Security) provides 2 different types of message stores.
- The normal 'Message Store' (only the administrator can browse the messages / there are no reports sent to the users)
- The 'Quarantine Store' (messages are accessible through the enduser web interface / Quarantine Reports are sent to the users)

If you want your users to be able to browse their blocked messages but don't want them to receive a Quarantine Report, you have to configure the following


A) With firmware version 2.7 or newer:

Edit the appropriate 'Email Storage' object and uncheck 'Enable' for the Quarantine Report delivery

B) With firmware 2.5 or 2.6:

These firmware versions do not allow an easy disabling of the Quarantine Reports. To disable sending of quarantine reports, you should follow these steps:

1. Create a new Schedule Object that starts in the future (e.g. 01.01.2999) and set it to repeat every year.
2. In the quarantine store, which should be browsable for the end user but no quarantine report e-mail should be generated, chose this bogus schedule in the „Deliver at“ drop-down list.
3. To delete the automatically generated Quarantine Report data from the file system, you need to edit the script „“ and add the folder(s), which should not generate a quarantine report e-mail instead of „noreport“ in the line „FOLDER=("noreport")“.
If your quarantine report folder has a name with whitespaces or other special characters in it, please ensure you add the name of the folder in the correct encoding (ls /var/lib/mailsec/msgstore/qreport/users/ shows how the names of the folders are written to the file system).
4. Copy the script to the folder /root/ on the Mail Security machine, make it executable (chmod +x, and execute it in the same folder (./ It will run now once a day to clean up unneeded data.

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Security Lotus Protector for Mail Security Not Applicable Platform Independent 2.8, 2.5.1, 2.5 All Editions

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More support for: Lotus Protector for Mail Security

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