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This course was last updated August 2012. To read up-to-date documentation about the topics found in this course read the Important Note within this document.


Important Note: This course was last updated August 2012. To read up-to-date documentation about the topics found in this course, consult the following:

Course purpose: This course focuses on the fundamentals needed by company help desk staff who support IBM Connections Cloud end users. This course is relevant for the IBM Connections Cloud environment. The service integrates social networking and online collaboration in a suite of tools available on the web. Mail services include SmartCloud Notes and Web Mail Cloud. Collaboration services include Connections Cloud S2, Connections Social Cloud, and Connections Meetings Cloud.

Audience: This course is intended for IBM Connections Cloud and IBM SmartCloud Notes company help desk staff responsible for supporting Connections Cloud end users. As the first point of contact with end users, the help desk can assist with connectivity issues, reset service passwords and answer "how to" questions. Other issues may require access to Administrator tasks and should be escalated to the next level of your company's internal IT support staff. This course does not cover tasks associated with the Administrator role since the help desk personnel typically will not have access to the Connections Cloud administrative menus.

The course can be found in the IBM Connections Cloud wiki:

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Table of contents:

You may take the self paced course using the link above. You may proceed through the course in any order. However, some exercises require completion of a prior or subsequent exercise.

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