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The old Initiate emergency toll-free support number no longer in service

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The old Initiate emergency toll-free support number was terminated on September 30, 2011 and is no longer in service.


It's come to our attention that some customers are trying to utilize the old Initiate Emergency Toll-Free Support phone number (888.770.4648). Please be advised that after previous announcements were made, this number was terminated on September 30, 2011. While we continued to answer this phone number during a transition period through the end of the year, it will now be taken fully out of service.

If you need assistance from the IBM Initiate Support team, we strongly encourage you to submit a Service Request through the IBM Support Portal. An online service request is routed 24x7 to one of our world-wide technical support engineers who are best equipped to assist you.

In the event that you feel you must call IBM, please refer to the worldwide directory for local phone numbers. For more details, please see our FAQ page, Is telephone support available?

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