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Independent ASP Support in Rational Developer for Power



Independent ASP Support in Rational Developer for Power is introduced in This article describes the support.


Previous ASP Support

Prior to this service release Rational Developer for Power Systems Software supported
independent auxiliary storage pools (iASPs) only by specifying an initial ASP group name
on an job description associated with a user profile. One could set this using CHGJOBD,
for example:


This affected the server jobs started by Rational Developer for Power by starting them
with access to the named iASP.

New Support Added In

The main disadvantage to using job descriptions on your user profile is that all
jobs that use that user profile are affected. If you work in multiple environments it can
be inconvenient to change your job description each time you need to change the initial
ASP group. Rational Developer for Power now provides a way of specifying an initial ASP
group for the servers it uses that need to respect iASPs.

When you define a new connection you will notice a new field on the connections properties
page of the wizard that allows you to specify the ASP group. You can also open the
properties of an existing IBM i connection and change the initial ASP group there. Here
what the properties page now looks like:

When you connect with an ASP group set, both the DDM and Command servers are started with
this as the initial ASP group. If the ASP group is not available then the connection will
proceed without the ASP group, and you will receive a message indicating that there was a
problem. The ASP group might not be available because it is not defined or is varied off.
If you change the ASP group of an active connection the change does not take effect until
you disconnect and reconnect.

As before, you should not use the SETASPGRP command in the command window, doing this will
cause the command and DDM servers to be out of sync.

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