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Sterling Commerce support for case management is moving to IBM



This is a reminder that on 1 February 2012, legacy Sterling Commerce customers will be moving to the IBM support system for case management.


Important Support Announcement:

This is a reminder that on 1 February 2012, legacy Sterling Commerce customers will be moving to the IBM support system for case management. All open support cases will be moved to this system and accessed by using the IBM Support Portal. This includes all customers of the following applications:

    · IBM Sterling Connect products
    · IBM Sterling Gentran products
    · IBM Sterling Control Center
    · IBM Sterling Secure Proxy
    · IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
    · IBM Sterling Total Payments
    · IBM Sterling Selling & Fulfillment Suite
      (including MCF and MCS)
    · IBM Sterling File Gateway
    · IBM Sterling Certificate Wizard
    · Mobile Applications
    · Mapping

Note for all other products or services not included in the above list, it is business as usual using Sterling Commerce processes for submitting cases to support. Continue to go to for all your support inquiries.

We will continue to provide case management support through Customer Center until 1 February 2012. Review the Sterling to IBM Support Transition webinar for detailed information on using IBM’s Service Request option on the Support Portal.

If you have questions regarding your account information, see the original email that was sent 30 November 2011. It provided your IBM Customer Number (ICN), along with your Primary Contact information and your Site Technical Contact information. It is critical for you to have that information to be able to open a support case. If you need to change your Site Technical contact use the eCustomer Care Contact Information page.

For any software entitlement issues you encounter, see the eCustomer Care Contact Information page for your geographic location. This process allows you to either send an e-mail message with detail of the issue you are encountering and also provides the ability to contact IBM’s eCustomer Care team directly by phone.

For any Service Request (SR) issue you encounter, see the Software Support Customer Assistance form. The automated electronic process will provide a message to the SR team. The form is designed to address SR registration and log-on issues, SR usage questions, or define any other issue you may have encountered.

In the event you require escalation for any Passport Advantage or Service Request issue, send an email to . Provide the "SR" or "eCustomer Care" ticket number provided from the helpdesk, describing the issue with as much detail as possible. The IS Client Care team will acknowledge the receipt of your message and attempt to provide resolution at that time. In the event further follow-up is required to resolve the escalated request, the IS Client Care team will provide feedback and attempt to resolve the issue within 24 business hours.


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