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DoDAF2 - Potential data loss

Technote (troubleshooting)


In a property name in the definition type "Need Line (DM2rx)" was changed without specifying a conversion, so clients could lose existing data.


Data loss because a property "Operatonal Data Exchanges" in the definition type "Need Line (DM2rx)" is no longer there.

Diagnosing the problem

The property is now "Operational Data Exchanges"

Resolving the problem

1. Under the System Architect \ Property Set folder, rename the file dodaf2.cfg

2. Copy the attached file to the System Architect \ Property Set folder.


3. Open the encyclopedia, use File Manager to delete saprops.cfg, and saprp409.bin.
4. Reopen the encyclopedia.
5. The property in the definition type "Need Line (DM2rx)" will once again be "Operatonal Data Exchanges" with a legend "Operational Data Exchanges". The existing data should be seen.

Note in a conversion will be run so users will not need to make a correction to the property set, and will not see a data loss.

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Modified date: 28 February 2013