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Configuration step recommendation for Sametime stand-alone MUX to enable load balancing

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What steps can you take to enable load balancing for a Sametime stand-alone MUX?


Pre Sametime 9.0 stand-alone MUX uses round robin by default in order to balance traffic among community servers.

To change this behavior and to enable a better load balancing with the Sametime stand-alone MUX passing traffic to less loaded servers, you can use the VPMX_BALANCE_RECALC_COUNT setting. In the sametime.ini file, under the [Config] section, set with a recommended value of 100 as follows:


The value indicates the number of client sessions after which the Sametime stand-alone MUX will recalculate the least loaded server. The recommended value is 100. This value will both allow high granularity and efficiency (recalculating balance count every 100, only 100, client logins). The maximum allowed value is 1000. (If you enter a higher value then 1000 the higher value will be taken as 1000.)

Starting with Sametime 9.0 the default value for this setting is 100.

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