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Tivoli Storage Manager fails BMR0001E and BMR0030E rc = 610 Unable to open message text file

Technote (troubleshooting)


SysBack Tivoli Storage Manager operations such as backup, adding a Tivoli Storage Manager virtual device, and readsbheader for SysBack backups to Tivoli Storage Manager fail with rc = 610 Unable to open message text file.


BMR0001E An error occurred initializing the environment: rc = 610, Unable to open message text file.

BMR0030E sbtsm.c(400): Error from Tivoli Storage Manager API during QueryCliOptions call: rc = 610, Unable to open message text file.


Tivoli Storage Manager API rc = 610 is: DSM_RC_NLS_CANT_OPEN_TXT
Explanation: The system is unable to open the message txt file for AIX.
User response: Verify that the file has a symbolic link to /usr/lib/nls/msg/<locale>/ .

For SysBack Tivoli Storage Manager operations, this is symptomatic of setting the DSMI_DIR environmental variable.

Resolving the problem

Check DSMI environmental variables with:

    # set | grep DSMI

Sample results:

The manual says that the only supported Tivoli Storage Manager environmental variables are DSMI_CONFIG, and DSMI_LOG, SysBack will ignore DSMI_DIR.

However, unsetting the DSMI_DIR environmental variable resolves the errors.

To unset the DSMI_DIR environmental variable run:

    # export DSMI_DIR=''

With 'single quotes' after the equals (=) sign.

Retry the failing SysBack Tivoli Storage Manager command.


Tivoli Storage Manager API 7.1 manual: Appendix A. API return codes with explanations

SysBack 6.1 manual: Set Tivoli Storage Manager Environment Variables for Use by SysBack

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More support for: Tivoli Storage Manager for System Backup and Recovery

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Operating system(s): AIX

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Reference #: 1577266

Modified date: 30 November 2015