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Using a concatenation character in a "Take Action" command for the WAS agent.

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Is it possible to use a concatenation character in a "Take Action" command for the WAS agent?


If you are trying to build a multi-character command where the variable/attribute name is right next to a command (see screenshot example below) then this will not work as of ITM 6.2.3.

If the panel is being blocked in the view above, the command reads:
su - Application_Server_Status.WAS_Node_Name -c "Application_Server_Status.WAS_Configuration_Repository_Directory_Name"/bin/ Application_Server_Status.Server_Name

There is no valid concatenation character in this instance that combines the above Configuration_Repository_Directory_Name variable substitution with "/bin/" in the above example. You will have to separate out the commands or use an external script.

You might have to use a multi-segment command as follows:

su - &Application_Server_Status.WAS_Node_Name -c cd &Application_Server_Status.WAS_Configuration_Repository_Directory_Name ;
./bin/ &Application_Server_Status.Server_Name

In Linux/Unix, a semicolon can be used to delimit a sequence of commands. This is two commands, the first changes the current directory and the second runs the command.. The semicolon might need to be escaped with a backslash.

Or maybe

su - &Application_Server_Status.WAS_Node_Name -c cd &Application_Server_Status.WAS_Configuration_Repository_Directory_Name
&& ./bin/ &Application_Server_Status.Server_Name

which is a conditional sequence. The first command is

cd &Application_Server_Status.WAS_Configuration_Repository_Directory_Name

which sets the current directory. If that returns an exit code zero the next command in the sequence runs.

./bin/ &Application_Server_Status.Server_Name

You might need to escape those && . like \&\& or maybe even \&\&\&\& or "&&" or '&&' to get what you want.

Figure out what input character sequence will survive the ITM Action command substitution and then the Linux/Unix/Win command line
substitutions and special character usage.

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