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Correspondence Analysis showing wrong label

Technote (troubleshooting)


We made a Correspondence Analysis with a variable containing the following value labels
1 = 'E1'
2 = 'E2'
3 = 'E3'
When creating plots in correspondence analysis we obtain plots with points labeled by zeros instead of value labels.How can this be resolved?

Diagnosing the problem

It appears that to value labels starting with a 'E..' are seen as a number (exponential number ) and are displayed into a Scatterplot as label '0'

Resolving the problem

This issue has been resolved by changing the 'Ex..' (where x is a numeric value) value labels by any other value label.

APAR PM55100 addresses this issue.

Document information

More support for: SPSS Statistics
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Software version: 20.0

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: 1575708

Modified date: 17 October 2012