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Difference between getFullPathName() and getCurrentDirectory() methods in the Rational Rhapsody Java API

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What is the difference between the Java API usage of getFullPathName() and getCurrentDirectory() methods in IBM Rational Rhapsody?


You would like to extract the path information of your project in Rational Rhapsody.


These two methods namely getFullPathName() and getCurrentDirectory() are available while declaring an instance of the interface IRPProject in the Rational Rhapsody API.


This method returns the internal path in a UML model that is loaded in Rational Rhapsody and not the local system path of the model location. If you invoke this method directly from IRPProject, it will most likely return an empty space as most models do not have their internal paths set. This is expected behavior.


This method returns the system path ( i.e. Windows or Unix file path to the model itself) e.g. C:\Program Files\Models\modelexample.rpy
However, it doesn't include the model name.e.g. : C\Program Files\Models\

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