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Meeting invites not routing via SMTP do to large header

Technote (troubleshooting)


When sending a meeting invite out to several external invitees, the invitees never receive the invite. In some cases, the chair receives a delivery failure stating "Headers too large (32768 max)"


Meeting invites are not routing to external invitees or chair gets a delivery failure report (DFR) stating the Header is too large.


This is do to the large amount of x-Notes items listed in the header.

When sending invitations or other workflow over iCalendar as a MIME message, Notes/Domino will typically create many proprietary MIME headers that contain additional addressing information. Since some servers do not handle these MIME headers well, the meeting invite is rejected by the router

Resolving the problem

Since some servers do not handle these MIME headers well if there are a lot of meeting participants, you can set $CSRemoveIcalNameHeaders=1 to skip the creation of these headers on the MIME message.

Because Notes->iCalendar conversion can be done on the client or the server, this ini is needed in the server and client ini files to cover all cases.

Document information

More support for: IBM Notes

Software version:, 8.5.3

Operating system(s): Linux, Mac OS, Windows

Reference #: 1575472

Modified date: 13 November 2012

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