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Message in tems log UpdateStatusForFailedRequest

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The following messages are being seen in the *ms* logs:


"UpdateStatusForFailedRequest") *INFO: Setting node
<Primary:happy:NT> off-line due to failure to start req <sid_EventLog_Application_56778> "UpdateStatusForFailedRequest") *INFO: Setting node <domain:happy:KYJA> off-line due to failure to start req <UADVISOR_KQ5_VKQ5CLUSUM> UpdateStatusForFailedRequest") *INFO: Setting node <Primary:tursa:KYJA> off-line due to failure to start req <>

These error messages indicate that there are connection issues within RPC calls.


If a TEMS RPC call to start a situation on the agent fails with a RPC error, this indicates to the TEMS an agent connection failure, and the TEMS will mark this node off-line.

This is done to prevent further unsuccessful RPC calls to this node until the TEMS to agent and agent to TEMS connection is re-established.

The error is recoverable and can be ignored unless it repeats persistently for the same agent.

If the error is persistent then investigations are needed to check the connections between the TEMS and the agent machines.

Some situations by default are distributed to ALL agents running in ITM environment.

So KYJA agent might receive KQ5 agent situation UADVISOR_KQ5_VKQ5CLUSUM, which will be ignored by the KYJA agent.

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