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How to track current Notes clients in your environment



You want to track the various Notes client installations throughout your environment. The Names and Address book Person document does track client versions but it tracks all client versions for a user in no particular order.


This is a LotusScript example of how to track each user's current Notes client version based on the last time they opened their mail application. It is important to note that some users may share a workstation or have access to multiple workstations. Also this solution is dependent on users periodically closing and opening their mail application. This example utilizes a central database on the user's home mail server. The database has a simple form with fields that track User Name, Current Client Version, and Machine Name.


This is currently written to not create duplicate entries but it does update an entry if found otherwise it creates a new entry. From a high level the code is designed to run in the mail application Database Script PostOpen Event. This will run every time the application is opened in a Notes client. The code is designed to not track the client version if the current user is not the mail application owner. This is achieved by checking the current user against the mail application owner which is tracked in the mail application "CalendarProfile" document. The code also utilizes the local notes.ini file by reading the "MailServer" entry. This is used to open the provided database (CurrentVersion.nsf) on the user's home mail server. When it opens the database it then searches for an existing entry for the current user. If one exists it updates the document otherwise it creates the document. If the current user is not that mail application owner it will print a message to the Notes client status bar.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The following is a sample script and application, provided only to illustrate one way to approach this issue. Notes Support will not be able to customize this script for a customer's own configuration.

Step for use:

  1. Download the following and unzip the contents:
  2. Place the ClientVersion.nsf on your mail server
  3. Using the Administrator Client with Full Access Administration mode sign the database with an appropriate id
  4. Edit the ACL of the database to grant appropriate privileges for a Manager/Designer (-Default- is set to Author to allow users to create documents) and Server
  5. From the unzipped contents open the ClientVersionCode.txt file with a text editor
  6. Copy the contents of this file to the system clipboard
  7. Open the mail template in the Designer client
  8. Open the "Database Script" by selecting "Code->Database Script"
  9. Within the Database Script select "PostOpen" event
  10. Paste the code at the end of the event

When the "Design task" runs on the mail server it will push out this update to each mail file. By default the Design task runs daily at 1:00 AM. Although it is typically not recommended to run the Design task during business hours you can run the Design task on your server ahead of schedule with a command:
load design -d mail
This will immediately run the Design task against the mail directory. Design task options:
Running the Designer task using a console command

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Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Windows

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Modified date: 12 July 2018