TL1 TSM Network Pilot significantly slower than direct commands

Technote (troubleshooting)


Network Pilot delays command execution


The default TL1 TSM configuration starts the Java VM with a limited amount of heap memory size (ms=40m and mx=512m). There is also a known issue about performance degradation when the
TSM log contains > 100K records


Unix platforms

Diagnosing the problem

Try the following commands to measure the current use of memory :

ps -A -o pid,ppid,pmem,pcpu,vsz,args | grep -v grep
sar -u 60 2
vmstat 5
prtdiag -v
psrinfo -v

%MEM ratio of the process's resident set size to the physical
memory on the machine, expressed as a percentage.
(alias pmem).

Resolving the problem

To gain better performance for the Network Pilot commands, do the


a) Increase the heap memory size from the command line. For example:

"nco_t_tl1 −−begin −ms256m −mx1024m −−end"

b) Reduce the size of the TSM.log

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