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How to bypass authentication in InfoSphere Information Server Business Glossary

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How to setup InfoSphere Business Glossary (BG) to bypass authentication or use an anonymous login.


The following is the workaround to bypass Business Glossary (BG) authentication. For this you need to create an Anonymous user with a Business Glossary User role from the Information Server web console. An existing user will also work.
To configure "anonymous" access for the Cognos right click menu, BG browser, BG Anywhere as well as direct BG Browser URL invocation please do the following steps:

1) In Websphere Application Server (WAS) admin console: Application servers->server1->server infrastructure->Java and Process Management->Process Definition->Java Virtual Machine->Custom Properties

2) Add the following Java system properties (name / value):

mockAuthenticate true
mockUsername <user_name>
mockPassword <password>

3) Restart WAS

Provide the username and password of Anonymous user in the place of <user_name> and <password> respectively. Once you configure above properties in WAS you will be able to access the BG Browser without any authentication.

The "anonymous" user has to be defined in the IS web console ("Administration" tab) and needs to assigned a "Business Glossary User role. If LDAP is configured, then users can not be created in the IS web console, so the "anonymous" user will need to be created in LDAP. This work-around does not require any patch and will completely eliminate the login screen.

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