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How do you set up the integration between IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) and IBM Rational Focal Point?


The instructions to set up Focal Point and RTC are confusing.


Prior to beginning this integration please ensure that the consumer key and secret are created in the Change Management administration page [<server>:<port>/ccm/admin] and not the Jazz Team Server administration page [<server>:<port>/jts/admin]

Note: This configuration is only possible with in Focal Point 6.5.1 and later.

The integration between Focal Point 6.5.0.x and RTC is discussed at "Rational Focal Point and Collaborative Lifecycle Management." The instructions for Focal Point 6.5.1.x and later are contained below:

1. The "Rational Focal Point and the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management" section gives a high level description of the way Focal Point and the CLM applications integrate. Out of the three links listed, the following two deal with the integration between Focal Point and RTC:

  • Setting up the integration for Rational Focal Point and Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management applications
  • Integrating with the Change and Configuration Management application

2. Follow the instructions for each topic in the link below for the " Configuring linking Rational Focal Point elements to CLM applications" section:

3. Run through the steps in the " Configuring a view for previewing linked elements in Rational Focal Point" section.

Note: At this point the integration is set up and the steps below deal with moving data between RTC and Focal Point.

4. Then follow the information in the " Fetching information from CLM artifacts" section.

The first subtopic “Fetching information from the CLM application” talks about configuring the XPathValueFetcher business rule as the default value.

More information about the XPathValueFetcher business rule can be found here. The first example from the XPathValueFetcher rule page was:

=XPathValueFetcher('Work Items', "/?*%7D", "//rtc_cm:state/dc:title[text()]", "State", "run_at=1")

Each parameter for this specific example is explained below:
  • 'Work items' is the name of the CALM link attribute that was defined in Focal Point.
  • "/?*%7D" is the URL parameter that collects the state of the work item from the RTC work item.
  • "//rtc_cm:state/dc:title[text()]" is the XPath expression which navigates to RTC and pulls out the actual text of work item's state into Focal Point.
  • "State" is the label which is a string that will be retrieved from RTC which in this case is the state of the work item.
  • "run_at=1" is time that the business rule will be run i.e. 1:00am.

Essentially, both the URL parameter and XPath expression work hand in hand to first allow you to navigate to the specific data you want in RTC (URL parameter) and then pull that data into Focal Point (XPath expression).

You can use the OSLC CM REST API guide to find how to structure your specific use parameters. There is also a list of attributes that you can use at the bottom of the API guide which should help explain the other examples as well as allow to define the value of your own XPathValueFetcher business rule.

5. Next, you move to the " Integrating with the Change and Configuration Management application" section.

This link contains an interactive diagram that shows the tasks for integrating RTC and Focal Point. To see the steps for each box in the diagram, click on it.

6. Review " CLM integration by exporting and importing project information" section to move projects from Focal Point into RTC.

Finally, the IT Portfolio management template also has preconfigured CLM integration attributes and can also be used to gain a better understanding of how the integration between Focal Point and RTC works. More information about this template is at " IT portfolio management template."

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