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Webform Server 40 install fails with ACUINI0082E error

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Webform Server 40 install fails with ACUINI0082E error


The installation logs its progress in a file called FormsServerInstall-00.log which on Windows can be found in "c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator". Check the file for the following, this may also appear in the console if the installation was run using the command-line.


Deployment Engine Initialization


The install wizard is now configuring the IBM Autonomic Deployment Engine on

the local machine.

Installing Deployment Engine.

Please wait......

Step 1 of 15....

Step 2 of 15....

Step 3 of 15...

Step 4 of 15...

Step 5 of 15...

Step 6 of 15...

Step 7 of 15....

Step 8 of 15.........


IBM Forms Server 4.0

Deployment Engine failed to initialize.

ACUINI0082E The register or deregister request has failed. ClassName: and


The installer will now shutdown. Please check with the log files for a more

complete description of the failure.


The install was initially run as root and then exited. A subsequent install run as a non-root user failed due to file permissions.

Resolving the problem

The Deployment Engine installation creates temporary files in the /tmp directory. These files were owned by the root user that did not allow the non-root user access for running the installation. Remove the files from the /tmp directory, log in as the root user and run the installation again.

If you are still having an issue with the install you will need to clean up the failed install following the instructions listed in technote 1514639.

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