Update: Health Center 2.0 provides several major enhancements



The IBM Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools for Java - Health Center is a free low-overhead diagnostic tool for monitoring an application running on an IBM Java Virtual Machine. Version 2.0 offers several new features.


Health Center enables you to assess the current status of a running Java application. Health Center continuous monitoring provides information to identify and help resolve problems with your application:

  • Identify if native or heap memory is leaking
  • Discover which methods are taking most time to run
  • Pin down I/O bottlenecks
  • Visualize and tune garbage collection
  • View any lock contentions
  • Analyze unusual WebSphere® Real Time events

New features in 2.0 include
  • A new threads perspective showing the states of all the current threads in the application and whether they own or are blocked on a lock. This is useful for identifying lock contention issues resulting in bad application performance. Enabled by default when Health Center starts analyzing data.
  • Native memory view now gives a breakdown of where the native memory is being used. So for example, you can see how much native memory is being used by the class libraries or by the JIT. Enabled by default when Health Center starts analyzing data.
  • Health Center is now late attach enabled. That means you can attach it to a running jvm (that has late attach functionality) removing the need to have started it with the application. Very useful for environments where you only want to analyze data when a problem occurs rather than for the duration of the application.
  • "Headless" data collection can now be configured to collect data in timed chunks. This means you can configure Health Center to automatically collect chunks of data without having to have the client connected. For example, headless mode can be configured to collect chunks of 10 minutes worth of data once an hour. This data can then be analyzed later in the client.
  • Verbosegc data collection can be turned on at run time through the Health Center client. Useful if you wish to see more detailed garbage collection behavior using GCMV but don't want to stop and start the application to turn verbosegc on.
  • The connection between the client and the health center agent can now be encrypted with SSL
  • Detect code which is allocating excessive numbers of objects. This requires configuration at run time to specify the size of the objects that you wish to be informed on.
  • Updates to the WebSphere Realtime view that enable automatic detection of outliers in each of its views along with probable reasons for those outliers. Enabled by default when Health Center starts analyzing data from a Realtime jvm.

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