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Service Bulletin 168: z/TPF and z/TPFDF PUT 8 eDelivery Packages Available



This service bulletin contains information regarding the availability of the eDelivery packages for PUT 8 for z/TPF 1.1 and z/TPFDF 1.1 for eligible users.


z/TPF and z/TPFDF PUT 8 eDelivery Packages

z/TPF and z/TPFDF PUT 8 are now available for eDelivery. Physical media, if you are eligible, will ship by early December, 2011.

The following three packages are available for download from the z/TPF 1.1 & z/TPFDF 1.1 tab on the TPF Family Products: Product Software web page.
• PID 5748-T15 z/TPF EE
• PID 5748-T15 z/TPF EE HPO feature
• PID 5748-F15 z/TPF Database Facility

Starting with PUT 8, the z/TPF product delivery website contains the eDelivery packages for the four most recent PUT packages only. The packages for PUT 1 through PUT 4 have been removed. Next year, when PUT 9 is made available, PUT 5 will be removed.

Additional information:

Access to all eDelivery packages is dependent upon license agreements.

· For the product software packages, customers must register for eDelivery before downloading. Complete directions for obtaining access to the product software packages are provided at:

· For the other required software packages, customers must use their z/TPF maintenance ID. (A customer who does not have a z/TPF maintenance ID can register for it by following the link provided on the TPF Family Products: Product Software web page.

· For information about system requirements, including the compiler level used for this PUT, see the z/TPF Migration Guide in the TPF Product Information Center.

· For questions or concerns about the information in this service bulletin, send an email to TPFQA@US.IBM.COM.

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