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How to obtain IBM ILOG AMPL access keys?


We now provide generic license keys (SITE licenses) which will allow you to use your IBM ILOG products without having an account opened in the WebSphere License Key Center. If you have purchased AMPL through us and are current on maintenance and support on it, then you can download the generic IBM ILOG AMPL 12.1 license keys for all platforms from here. Note that all licensing terms still apply regardless of the relaxation of the conditions enforced by the license keys.

These licenses are useful for users still using IBM ILOG AMPL 12.1 or prior versions of the product. As always, we encourage users to update to the latest versions of the IBM ILOG software, which in this case removes the need to use license keys.

To be able to download these license keys from Fix Central you are required to login using your IBM ID and provide your IBM Customer Number (ICN).

Details regarding IBM ILOG product installation licenses can be obtained from here.

For further details on how to download from Fix central refer to the Product Downloads technote.

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