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Fix List for IBM Forms 4.0.0 Fixpack 2

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What APARs are fixed in IBM Forms version 4.0.0 fixpack 2?


The following is a listing of fixes included in IBM Forms 4.0.0 fixpack 2. The fixpack is available through >> IBM Fix Central.

Select Lotus in drop down and then pick the Forms product you wish to download the fixpack for.


Viewer crashes with a JVMDG303 error when doing a pageflip.
Running updateXformsInstance while a form is open does not update the UI bound to the instance for xforms:select and xforms:select1.
Custom attribute action fails to trigger.
Button with border set to 'off' renders a few pixels to large in Viewer.
Popup value not clearing as expected in Viewer 4.0.x.
Wrong page displays on button click in Viewer 4.0.x.
Error message appears when document with the same name exsists in a directory when using Viewer 4.0.x.
Clicking on the label of a checkbox/radio no longer toggles the associated value.

Webform Server

Browser privacy settings cause the loss of all data when filling in a form.
When a form field is auto populated with more than 40 characters, users are unable to reduce it to 40 characters or less
Destroying a page with an XFDL destroy removes instance bound to the page even if another page is referencing the same data.
Navigation buttons in a form served by the formViewPortlet stop working after doing an intermediate save submission.
Using a date pattern that uses a capital "Y" instead of a lower case "y" crashes the Viewer and Webform Server.
During PDF generation, when using header/footer, a richtext label will experience truncation of text.
The title in the dojo dialog that is launched by using webform.launchModalDialog() does not display Chinese ch
A 404 error is received when attempting to extract an attachment within Webform Server
Object is null javascript error when rendering a form on Webform Server in IE7


Designer throws error when action delay is greater than 1000 seconds
File size of form increases exponentially when using the Designer
Duplicate items are created in the Designer when using form parts


Using the calendar widget, when the user inputs invalid data like /3/2011, the widget auto-formats the data
Error when trying to display form in Business Space

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