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Creating the IBM SPSS Statistics MSI File for Statistics 21

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Where is the Microsoft Installer (MSI) file required for unattended/silent/push installations of the IBM SPSS Statistics product?


The Microsoft Installer (MSI) file for the IBM SPSS Statistics product is not available as a separate download. Accessing MSI file for IBM SPSS Statistics is dependent upon the installation media you have received.
**Executable (IBM Component) file**
(1) Download and save the installer executable (e.g. 'SPSS_Statistics_21_win32_.exe') to a known, accessible location on the computer hard drive.
(2) Create a directory to receive the *.msi file. (e.g. 'C:\Users\Public\StatsMSI').
(3) Open Command Prompt and change directory to the directory where the installer executable was saved.
(4) Type the name of the installer executable (e.g. 'SPSS_Statistics_21_win32_.exe').
(5) Press the space bar on the keyboard.
(6) Type the following: /b
(7) Type a double-quote (").
(8) Type the full directory path of the folder created to receive the *.msi file (e.g. 'C:\Users\Public\StatsMSI').
(9) Type a double-quote (").
(10) Press Enter.
(11) A window will appear containing a reference to 'InstallShield Wizard'.
(12) The window will display the status of the product *.msi file.
(13) A window will appear containing the phrase 'Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard'.
(14) Select the 'Cancel' button.
(15) A window will appear requesting confirmation ('Are you sure...'), select the 'Yes' button.
(16) A window will appear containing the phrase 'InstallShield Wizard Completed'.
(17) Select the 'Finish' button.
(18) Open Windows Explorer.
(19) Browse to the location where the *.msi was extracted (e.g. 'C:\Users\Public\Stat MSI').

For documentation on IBM SPSS-specific commands for use with MSI files, see 'Administrator's Guide' appropriate to your license type (e.g. 'Site', 'Concurrent' Users Guide').

**Disk Media (CD/DVD)**
(1) Insert the disk.
(2) IF prompted to install the software, select 'Cancel'.
(3) Open Windows Explorer.
(4) Open the 'Windows' folder.
(5) Open the 'SPSSStatistics' folder.

The 32-bit MSI file will be located in the 'win32'. folder.
The 64-bit MSI file will be located in the 'win64' folder.

**Compressed ZIP file**
(1) Extract (decompress) the contents of the ZIP file into a designated folder.
(2) The MSI folder will located in the designated folder.

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