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Creating the Microsoft Installer (*.msi) File for IBM SPSS Statistics

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Where is the Microsoft Installer (*.msi) file required for unattended/silent/push installations the IBM SPSS Statistics application?


The Microsoft Installer (*.msi) file for IBM SPSS Statistics applications is not available as a separate download. Accessing the.msi file for IBM SPSS Statistics is dependent upon the installation media you have received.
Using the Software Download:
1. Download and save the installer executable (e.g. 'SPSS_Statistics_24_win64.exe') to a known, accessible location on the computer hard drive.
2. Next, you will need to use the /b switch from your command prompt to extract the .msi file.
In the example below the SPSS_Statistics_24_win64.exe was downloaded to the C: drive.
Provide the file location for the extraction. This example uses the directory "MSItest" on the C: drive:

C:\>SPSS_Statistics_24_win64.exe /b"C:\MSItest"

3. Notice that running this command will launch the InstallShield Wizard. Let this run until the .msi has been extracted. You will see "Extracting: IBM SPSS Statistics 24.msi" message from the installer. You do not need to proceed with the full installation.

Using Installation Media (CD/DVD)
1. Insert the disk.
2. IF prompted to install the software, select 'Cancel'.
3. Browse to the media location.
4. Open the 'SPSSStatistics' folder.

The 32-bit MSI file will be located in the 'win32'. folder.
The 64-bit MSI file will be located in the 'win64' folder.

Using a compressed (.zip) file
1. Extract (decompress) the contents of the ZIP file into a designated folder.
2. The MSI folder will located in the designated folder.

For documentation on IBM SPSS-specific commands for use with MSI files, see 'Administrator's Guide' appropriate to your license type (e.g. 'Site', 'Concurrent' Users Guide').

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