Reinstalling IntelliWatch on Windows environments.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Steps for performing clean re-install of IntelliWatch on Windows.


IntelliWatch tasks do not load.


Corrupt install.


IntelliWatch on Windows platforms.

Resolving the problem

(1) Stop the Domino server
(2) Uninstall Intelliwatch from Add/Remove Programs
(3) Confirm all IntelliWatch files have been removed:

    (a) Delete all Intelliwatch executables from the Notes Directory, this is the directory containing the notes.ini file
      niwagent.exe, niwasw.exe, niwinfo.exe, niwlog.exe, niwrboot.exe, niwrcycl.exe, niwstatg.exe
    (b) Delete the Intelliwatch directory under the Lotus Notes Data Directory
    (c) Delete the IntelliWatch install directory, ex: C:\Candle\IntelliWatch\
    (d) Delete the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Candle\IntelliWatch
    (e) Edit notes.ini, to remove entries added for IntelliWatch:
      delete all IW* (such as IWINFO, IWAGENT etc.) from the line ServerTasks=
      delete NIWAPIMN from the line EXTMGR_ADDINS=
(4) Reinstall Intelliwatch
(5) Restart Domino server

Gather following documentation after clean reinstall if there are problems loading IntelliWatch tasks.

1) Copy of iw.log from the desktop
    The iw.log file will show the choices made walking when through IntelliWatch install dialogues.
2) Copy of notes.ini file from the Notes Directory
3) Export of registry keys:
4) Output from attempting to load tasks manually from server console:
    load iwagent

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