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Can I add the items current balance to the physical count screen?


Add Current balance to the physical counts for count assigned items and for new physical counts
You will need to add the mobilemboattribute for CURBALTOTAL
<mobilemboattribute name="CURBALTOTAL" mboattribute="INVENTORY.CURBALTOTAL" ></mobilemboattribute>

You will need to add it to the following mobilembo's
mobilembo name="COUNT_ASSIGNED" and
mobilembo name="INVBALANCES"

You then need to add the fields to the mobile screens

<textbox id="newcountdetails_20" dataattribute="CURBALTOTAL" inputmode="readonly"></textbox>

<page id="COUNT_DETAILS"
<textbox id="countdetails_20" dataattribute="CURBALTOTAL" label="Curbal" inputmode="readonly"></textbox>

In order for the CURBALTOTAL to populate you need to modify the iteminvbalcntlookup to include CURBALTOTAL

<lookup id="iteminvbalcntlookup" datasrcname="INVBALANCES"
mobilembo="INVBALANCES" rowsperpage="9" returnattribute="ITEMNUM"
handler="counthandler" initevent="initInvBalLookupITEMNUM">

You will; need to run importall and packagemobile then restart the application server, The next time you launch mobile the software update will install the new jar file with the new screen

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