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Known issues in Tivoli Endpoint Manager 8.2



Known issues in TEM 8.2.1400



  • Console operators promoted from a non-master role to a master operator role may be unable to edit Fixlets created before the promotion. The console operator can copy the Fixlet and remove the old version instead. (issue #46121)
  • If a Master Operator is demoted to a non-master operator while they are currently using the console, an unhandled exception is thrown if the user tries to view their role document. (issue #46210)
  • Consoles may not be able to connect to the TEM Server when an http proxy server is required. (issue #46482)
  • If Console operators connect to multiple servers using different usernames, the Console will only automatically supply the last used username, even if a different server is selected. (issue #46314)
  • It is possible to remove all master operators for a deployment if the remaining master operators were created with a role and the role is deleted. A new master operator must then be created using the TEM Admin tool. (issue #45588)
  • The console status bar may truncate user information if an LDAP user is created with a long name. (issue #44101)
  • Role names are limited to 32 characters. (issue #44332)
  • Console LDAP operators cannot login after moving the users to new OUs and groups (issue # 48701)
  • Actions cannot be sidelined when targeted by computer name. (issue #49297). Targeting by a list of computer names where the names are typed or pasted into the input box should be avoided. Targeting by ComputerID (selecting the specific computers on the right hand column of the window) should be used instead.

  • The new extract command does not use relative paths correctly. (issue #46187)
  • Client sleep setting for Windows Mobile agents does not match the settings used for Windows agents. (issue #46267)
  • Limited support for client running on Solaris 11 – no IPV6 (issue #49336) or client UI support (issue # 51253)
  • Limited support for Windows 8 and 2012 (no changes for Metro UI in this release)

Server and Relay
  • User creation through BESAdmin is not logged in the server audit log. (issues #46017)

  • The Server upgrade may hang attempting to display a message box when run silently if a connection to the database cannot be established. (issues #42509)
  • BES Remove does not remove the BES Server Plugin Service. (issue #36919)

  • Airgap tool is currently problematic and does not work on some platforms. (issue #51412)

Web Reports
  • The export to CSV feature displays extra characters in the file name in the dialog box when using IE9 and SSL is enabled. The extra characters can simply be removed. (issue #45470)
  • A rare issue occurs where the Computers report may display the error message "[JavaScript Error] Type: TypeError; Message: Object <Object> has no method 'sortable'" the first time it is loaded. Simply reload it to resolve. (issue #45587)

  • Console searches using special double byte characters do not return the correct results. (issue #42123)
  • Installers fail when attempting to use non-ascii characters as part of the installation path. (issue #43627)
  • File name characters are incorrect when exporting a Fixlet that contains non-ascii characters in the name to a .bes file. (issue #45001)
  • Non-ascii characters may appear garbled when viewing Comments on Fixlets. (issue #43468)
  • During the Console installation, a warning message is displayed in English if IE7 is not already installed. The warning can safely be ignored. (issue #44279)
  • The German Console displays an English warning message when accepting security certificates the first time the Console is launched for a user. (issues #45794, #45990)
  • The header fields on Unmanaged Assets tab appear in English in the Console. (issue #11632)
  • The Console displays an English warning message if an invalid relevance expression is provided while authoring custom content. (issue #18390)
  • The header fields when viewing an Analysis Results tab appear in English in the Console. (issue #42482)
  • Some buttons sizes are incorrect in the Take Action Dialog for French Consoles. (issue #44736)
  • The Installers display English text in the warning message displayed during uninstall. (issue #45991)
  • The Offers tab of the Take Action Dialog appears in English. (issue #46042)
  • TEM Console Searches: Certain searches using special double byte characters (U+2464 (0x8744)) do not work Additionally there is no support for matching logically equivalent characters such as full size and half size Japanese kana characters in searches. (issue #42123, #42126)
  • DB Usage During Upgrade: Consoles should be disconnected from the database during upgrade. Close the console before the upgrade. Failure to do so results in an unexpected dialog message and the user must click “Close without saving” in order to complete. (issue #4686)
  • Install Paths & non-ASCII Characters: Non-ASCII characters cannot be used in the install path TEM platform components. (issue #43627)
  • Action Page table in WebReports & double byte characters: In the action page table in Web Reports, if a column grows too wide (e.g. when using multi-byte characters) and this may cause the entry to extend past the section margin. This is a display issue only, no data is harmed. (issue #44135)
  • Fixlet Export Names & non-ASCII characters: In the action page table in Web Reports, if a column grows too wide (e.g. when using multi-byte characters) and this may cause the entry to extend past the section margin. This is a display issue only, no data is harmed. (issue #45001)
  • Some items remain in the previous language after display language has been changed: When dynamically changing the TEM console language under the File->Preferences->Console Language menu, even after clearing the cache, certain dashboards, wizards and domain panels may remain displayed in the original language. (issue #45437)
  • Language Selectability: The language displayed in the TEM Console UI is fixed to the active OS language. To change the language displayed in the UI the user must change the system’s locale. This also means there is no way to install the console using English on a non-English Windows system.

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